• Women’s Ministry House

    Women’s Ministry House

    Our newest addition is the women’s house on Broadway, right down the street from the renovated worship center.

  • Sunday Evening Prayer Services

    Sunday Evening Prayer Services

    We have felt the desire to begin Sunday services at our new church building and believe they will be evening prayer meetings. Please pray about participating in these with us at your convenience.

  • Inside the Ministry House

    Inside the Ministry House

    Where all the magic happens!

Jesus loves Benton Harbor, and so do we!

We at Forefront exist to offer whatever we have to show the love of Christ whether the need is for prayer, a meal, a helping hand or just an ear to listen. The ministry house is a hub for Forefront and other ministries to serve all of God’s children in the area no matter who they are or where they come from. Use this site to learn more about Forefront, and let the Lord lead you in how you can join us in blessing Benton Harbor.


Forefront will be an instrument for transformation in the city of Benton Harbor by living the message of Jesus and inviting others to join in this journey.


One to One for One.

Core Values

  • Worship – We view worship together as essential for everything a believer does and is. It is the center from which we operate and therefore it is the starting point for every healthy body. Because of the unique situation for Forefront in Benton Harbor, we have chosen to focus our efforts on engaging the city in a house church style of ministry before attempting any kind of traditional method of celebration service.
  • Prayer – Because it is our conviction that prayer can move mountains, we will continue to engage in prayer on many different levels. Our partnership with other bodies and individuals includes weekly petition and praise reports and our commitment to individual and corporate prayer is seen in our weekly schedule.
  • Discipleship – One of Jesus’ last commands to his disciples was to go and make more disciples. In our estimation, disciple making must be intentional and intense, but filled with much grace and encouragement. Our aim is to set the bar high and then walk with people together in the practice of life long discipleship.
  • Multiplication – Healthy organisms multiply. With this in mind it is our goal, from the beginning, to prepare men and women to lead ministry efforts both in Benton Harbor and in other economically and spiritually depressed communities. This effort is directly tied to our commitment to discipleship work and is a measuring tool for if we are meeting that goal well.
  • Social Justice/Racial Reconciliation – Since it is a scriptural mandate, we take the work of justice very seriously. A natural coupling, in our minds, is the work of racial reconciliation since much of the injustice in inner cities happens down racial boundaries. Additionally, because we believe that the scriptures hold the standards for true justice and reconciliation, we are convinced that Christians need to lead this charge.
  • Holistic Family Ministry – Our desire is to minister to the entire family in a holistic manner. This involves everything from economic development to healthy money management training and beyond. Because of the gross absence of fathers in most inner city areas, we aim much of this effort at males, young and old, challenging them to become the men God desires them to be for the sake of the entire family.



the ability to lead skillfully; the action of leading a group or an organization.
Al Folkert
Al Folkert
Al and his wife Judi have been married for 42 years and currently live in Zeeland, MI. Al received his B.S. degree in Industrial Education from Western Michigan University. He later received an M. Div degree from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. Following graduation from Western Seminary, he served a Reformed church in South/Central Iowa for 4 ½ years. In 1986, Al, his wife, and their family of five children returned to Western Michigan. Al became involved in residential construction in which he has occupied himself for the last 25 years. Having always believed that the Church of Jesus Christ is God’s means of reconciling the world to Himself, Al is excited about returning to Christian Ministry in a more formal way and being part of Forefront Ministries in Benton Harbor.
You can reach Al Folkert at:
email: ajfolkert@gmail.com
Nate Bull
Nate Bull
Nate Bull has been doing street ministry in inner cities around the world for almost 12 years. Recently Nate has helped to plant a church in the inner city of Kalamazoo and has been commissioned to do other church plant efforts around the state of Michigan. Nate has been married to his wife Starr for 14 years and has four children, Deonte, Demari, Amya and Alana. Nate has remained a forerunner in reaching the lost and after numerous academic, business, and personal achievements he shows no signs of slowing down. His life reflects that of a person who gives all that he has, believing and knowing that God is his true reward.
You can reach Nate Bull at:
email: nathanielbull@hotmail.com

Join Us


We understand the importance of partnership and that’s why we seek to partner with those who value the importance of building Gods Kingdom. We have made it our priority to see the Benton Harbor area transformed by the power of God. Because we are not the first that God has sent to this area, we are hoping to unite with the body of Christ, particularly in but not limited to Benton Harbor, with efforts of creating an atmosphere where change happens. If you’re a church or a ministry serving Benton Harbor please contact us so that we can work together in fulfilling the great commission.


Volunteers are very special people with big hearts and we all need them. If you know that you have the ability to impact the children of God with your gifts and talents please join the team. We are seeking people who love to walk the streets and meet the people, prayer warriors, home bible study teachers, and much more. Contact Nate Bull to find out how you can play a role in what God is doing in Benton Harbor.


Your contribution helps us continue the work of helping others grow stronger in Christ. We can guarantee that when you support us financially, every dollar is used to advanced Gods Kingdom. All contributions are tax deductible and a gift receipt is sent out at the end of the year. Please contact us if you have more questions in regards to this type of support or you can make a contribution here on line. Thank you for blessing our ministry.